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Promoter/ Owner James J. Majchrzak Chief Tech Ins: Ron Roberts.
Promoter/ Owner James E. Majchrzak Tech Inspector:
General Manager: Polly Majchrzak Head Starter: James Mitchel / Doug Packman
Office Staff: Back Starter: George Deaton /Doug Packman
Marketing: Turn Four: Don Packman
Chief Med Dir: George Deaton Pit Steward:
Ambulance EMT: Chris Gray Infield Director: Mike Adamczak
Announcer : Steven Petty Safety Crew 1: Cheech
Race Director: Don Vogler Safety Crew 2: Bob Jones
Scorer 1: Cheryl Packman Safety Crew 3: Tom Tracy
Scorer 2: Frank Jarkawicz Safety Crew 4: Joe Horvatits Jr.
Scorer 3: Safety Crew 5:
Photographer: Rob Micoli Safety Crew 6:
Last Updated on Monday, 11 June 2012 11:24
Daniel Majchrzak promotes racing in Olean NY

Perry NY; Son of Wyoming County International Speedway owner, Jim Majchrzak, Daniel prepared his 1/2scale Mini-Cup racer for the motorsport season at the BullRing. The 1/3rd mile, Perry asphalt oval is the perfect size for this style car, providing ample racing room for great competition. Drivers can begin racing a Mini-Cup at the age of 10yrs and continue well past 99. The chassis is fully adjustable, and helps young racers understand the basic characteristics of setting up a racecar

Last Updated on Friday, 10 April 2009 00:47
FK Rod End partners with the SST Series

The Super Short Track Racing Series – SST, welcomes the marketing partnership with FK Rod Ends for the 2009 season. Marketing programs designed to enhance product recognition among teams and motorsport fans is the main objective. SST Representatives will begin the process by introducing the relationship to the region, via news release to the media and the SST Data Base. Followed by a personal intro at the upcoming WCIS / SST Registration Meeting 1:30pm Sunday afternoon, February 22, in Pavilion NY (End of the Road, Bar and Pizzeria).

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 April 2009 23:49
Dick Kluth Celebrates 50 Years of Racing

Perry NY, The Wyoming County International Speedway / SST Series Awards Banquet was held this past weekend at the Big Tree Inn, Geneseo, NY, to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2008 season. Awards for top placement in division and series point standings, and specialty awards designed to take notice of the special accomplishments, were proudly presented. The atmosphere was fun, the food spectacular and as always, the most prestigious award was saved for the end.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 April 2009 23:50
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