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SATURDAY  NIGHT Racing in 2014

News update

The return to sat evening competition at the BullRing has been well recieved. This past season we have been a leader in car count on asphalt... and for this we proudly say thank you for our racers support. Moving forward in 2014 we will continue to stay focused on providing stable rules, good payback for all divisions and great Short Track Competition and entertainment

Registration for team numbers and pit locations can be recieved after the holidays or at spring registration and information meetings or at MotorSport trade shows

Rules will remain with few ammendments. Any sugestions may be addressed by contacting Ron Roberts 585. 322.3381 Head Tech Inspector,    Don Vogler Race Director 585.734.2797 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SST Modifieds - welcome to the teams looking to make the BullRing your saturday night home for this season - no current rule ammendments at this time

Super Stocks - feedback on a move to put WCIS SuperStocks on the AR EC31. This is the same tire as the SST Modifieds use, and will provide several advantages for teams of the BullRing. Stablized pricing  and available sizes, ability to purchase mod takeoffs or new rubber, maintain 8" wheels but gain a stiffer sidewall and 1 1/2 inches of contact patch with only increasing the sidewall width of the tire by @ 3/4"   please call me with your thoughts 585 245 2123 Jim

4 Cylinder Stocks. with quite a bit of controversy in this diverse group, we would like input on what the teams feel about any adjustments

Vintage Stock Cars - this unique division has created a nestalgic look at the history of Stock Car Racing that everyone can enjoy. the rules are simple and invite teams to develop cars using new or outdated components of the time period... join us for this blast from the past! Teams in 2014 will recieve a limited payback with back gate registration fee for there involvement in the VLM division

 Sprint Cars - any new interest in the winged open wheel division are encouraged to contact George at 716 818 1576

ATTENTION Street Stocks - WCIS would be interested adding your teams as a weekly division at the BullRing. Please contact the speedway or the race director with your feedback

Cars or parts for sale. we have been contacted by several teams looking for equipment to use for the 2014 season...please let us know what is available

PRACTICE will begin around the first week of May. Wed night practices will begin the week of opening day. Schedule yourself seat time and the ability to shake out the winter bugs

Thank you for your interest in our motorsport facility.....more to come! 



Last Updated on Monday, 24 February 2014 16:59