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Super Short Track Racing

The Flags of Racing


Signifies the start of an event. All cars must remain in the line after receiving green until past the start/finish line.


Signifies track is not clear. Cars must decrease speed and remain in single file. No passing allowed. Violators are subject to penalty during and after the event.


Indicates that there is a severe problem on the racing surface such as a really bad accident. Cars must come to immediate complete stop.


Signifies disqualification with immediate retire to infield. If equipment violation and remedied, car may return to competition.


Signifies competitor being lapped. Cars must move inside without changing order of lap cars until lapping car has passed.

flagbl flagy

Signifies Mechanical problem, posted by the back straight away flagman and is for the safety of drivers and their vehicle.


Signifies one lap remains for caution lap or completion of race.


Signifies completion of the event. Finishing positions decided according to distance traveled regardless if car takes checkered. 

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