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Super Short Track Racing

at WCIS Memorial Day through Labor Day
Gates Open at 5 PM for Dinner, Racing at 7:30 PM

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Rte. 5, Caledonia, NY

Soccer Night
August 1st, 2008
Smash-N-Crash Junkyard Soccer
following the regular racing program!

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All WCIS photos provided by
Rob Miccoli
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Mini-Monster truck Lauren Osborn & Todd Stone

Check out the SST ANGELS:

P1010063 Batavia 08 Alisa

Wyoming Co. Dairy Princess, Lauren Osborn, and Todd Stone provide important information.

Nick Kuzmicki and his 4x4 Car Crusher!


Perry, NY: Attention Soccer Players of the region: Join us Friday at Wyoming County International Speedway for Soccer Day at the races. Everyone is welcome. Wear your Soccer uniform and get in free…. Advertise your team sponsor, kids join in for the many soccer style contests for prizes throughout the races.

Letchworth Valley NAPA Auto Parts of Perry & Warsaw is the proud sponsor of Soccer Day at the Races. Race Fans stop in for all yourauto needs and say Thank you for their support.

Gates open at 5PM for dinner and racing begins at 7:30, Friday August 1st. The Big Event we all been waiting for is here! Smash-N-Crash Junkyard Soccer. A 40” steel soccer ball gets bounced between two teams of race cars in an attempt to score goals….boy, that ball can wreck some cars and entertain the crowd. Teams looking to participate should call the speedway office for more info at (585)237-2580.

An SST Angel also visits the Bullring in the Winner’s Circle again, this Friday evening for photo opportunities. She will also, promote the upcoming SST Superstock Tour Race at WCIS Friday August 8th.  Maybe the Angel can referee the Junkyard Soccer Game , Yeah…! See you Friday at the Bullring!

Track (585) 237-2510 - Office (585) 237-2580  ©2005 All Rights Reserved

Junkyard Soccer

Laughing and cheering are great components for entertainment. Getting your company name or product to center stage while people are focused on the entertainment is key. Wyoming County International Speedway has the perfect promotion for the junkyards of our region, and individuals who simply enjoy crashing and competition!

To participate, WCIS needs 3-4 running midsize to full-size automobiles to form 1 team, front or rear-wheel drive (No Trucks). The general idea, similar to Bounce the Beatle of years past, take a small gutted car, paint it with black and white hexagons. Now it becomes the ball. Each team will attempt to score by pushing the ball (car) to the goal of the opponent’s team.

The team that scores the set amount of points moves to the finals. 3 cars maximum will be on the field at one time (front stretch, grass infield), the fourth car is to substitute is one fails to continue running for the next event only. No substitutions during any give round until the end of play. The field will be penned off from turn 4 to turn 1 and be as wide as the infield light poles to the concrete retaining wall. The ‘ball car’ will start in the center (start/finish line) with the waving of the green flag each team will begin play. When a goal is scored, play is then halted. Vehicles who stop moving during play will be left to sit unless safety is jeopardized.

Team players maybe chosen by participating junkyard or volunteered at WCIS. Safety equipment is required, (firesuit, gloves, and helmet ect..). Each car shall have the doors welded or chained shut with a Nerf rail bolted to the outside of the driver’s side (min ½ x4 plate or better). The plate shall extend from wheel well to wheel well between 12” to 15” up from ground level. Minimum (3) ½” bolts extended through the car body and secured with large plate or washers on the inside. The diver’s compartment should be clear of any sharp objects. All side glass must be removed along with any additional burnable interior components besides the driver’s seat. No additional weight or structural support will be legal within any team car. No modifications to the drive train, suspension or chassis.

Along with the fun, entertainment, and event exposure, WCIS will market this event with posters, PA announcements, media print, and fast becoming the strongest venue of advertisement…our growing two million hit motor sports website, As for the team cars go…they get donated back to each participating sponsor for recycling, our reconditioning for the next Junkyard Soccer match!

Sounds good? We though so, register now by contacting the Wyoming County International Speedway Office. The date scheduled for this season is Friday night, August 1st, 2008. The theme for this day of racing is “Soccer Day” at the races. Youth teams players and their families from the around the region will receive special family passes to attend. Additional soccer kicking competitions will held through out the pulmonary events to add to the theme. 


Relocate battery allowed approved safety container.
Relocate fuel tank to trunk if necessary.
No aggressive tread tire- official discretion- tubes allowed.
No anti-freeze- this will be checked prior to event.

Paint team colors- driver’s door- paint yellow.

Radiator support- limited support @ radiator to add to life of car is allowed.

If tire is flattened or comes off the rim- the competitor must remain off the asphalt and remain on dirt portion of field- subject to disqualification.

Racing harness highly recommended. Driver’s meeting prior to team soccer events.

All drivers must have driver’s suit, approved helmet, and gloves.

Use sportsmanship when competing- no rough driving- the game is designed to score points not to derail competitors.

Elimination will be determined by the amount of registered teams for that event.

Time Limit- estimated 5 minute ½’s

High scoring team move to next level

Top team is crowned champion!

Admission. $25
Pay-off.    1st place: $300/ team - 2nd place: $100/ team

The main soccer event will be run after the stock car event– under the lights !

Enjoy the whole evening of motorsport competition!