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Marketing Advantage

Let us gather you a list of potential customers while branding your product

In recent years, gaining market share has become very competitive to ensure the success of a business. Continual branding of a company will help increase product awareness.

The SST Organization promotes motor sport events, race teams and most importantly.... those companies supporting the industry. While the competition side of SST continues to move forward in the vision of unification, the Marketing division partners to develop programs designed to introduce, stimulate and maintain product awareness.

We are a marketing company, providing a captive audience, exposure to one's product while providing entertainment: not just sponsorship or print advertisement, but a combination of all forms of marketing!

  • Merchandising venue presence
  • Mailing list lead development
  • Sample product exposure & distribution
  • Onsite event promotions
  • Company Branding
  • Logo exposure
  • Print advertisement
  • Event support awareness
  • Multiple PA Announcements
  • Digital print banners
  • Multiple Media release opportunities
  • Promotional Pictures
  • News Print
  • Website exposure
  • Fun & entertainment


Merchandising venue presents

SST Motor Sport events provide the perfect location for creative product awareness. From pre-race stationary displays to theme choreographed mini-promos tucked within the Winner's Circle celebration!

Mailing list lead development

Utilizing the attraction of SST motor sport presents and the finesse of the SST Angels, fans are encouraged to sign up, in exchange for product and information. Our Marketing Advantage Team will cordially distribute sample products and/or informational brochures upon customer's request (supplied by partnering company).

The gathered list is than sorted and redistributed back for our marketing partner's promotional use. Follow up visits, via email, are a great way to capture new customers. Motor sport theme promotions are encouraged by the partnering company to maintain product attention to this specific segment of the market.

Although the database will not exclude non-motor sport interested subscribers, the traditional ‘product loyal' motor sport fan will be the targeted market of this promotion

Sample product exposure & distribution

Complimentary products, or a chance to win provided prizes, is a great way to initiate product branding. The exposure introduces the brand, and in some cases, provides a hands-on sample for the customer's enjoyment. Regional sample distribution through out the northeast ensures a wide range of exposure for the partnering company.

Sample products must be supplied with basic information well in advance of scheduled promotions for proper product knowledge.

On-site event promotions

An on-site is an organized event, set at a variety of locations to stimulate attention. The creation of these promotions may be designed to direct traffic to a specific location or be simply, generate attention for all marketing partners in a high traffic area. The SSTMarketing Advantage team utilizes the Onsite Promotions to gain exposure for product branding and gather the necessary data for partner utilization.

Sporting events, Grand openings, special sales and trade shows may set the stage for our marketing On-site. The SST Marketing Advantage Team representatives may be on hand, along with a racecar, driver and SST Angels, to distribute product samples, general race information, discount tickets or even cook hot dogs as part of an anniversary celebration. With a personal touch, we drive toward ensuring continual growth.

At the request of a marketing partner, SST Representatives may be available to provide exposure for individual product(s) at on-sites exclusively related to the partner's business.
Additional package pricing will reflect travel expenses and preparation time for the special event. The email data collected at the exclusive event may be included in the promotional fee.

Participating SST Angels / models will be professional and knowledgeable of products and promotions based on the information provided by the Marketing Partner. Additional training or orientation may be provided at the expense of the Marketing Partner.


  • Tradeshows
  • Food shows
  • Recreational / outdoor shows
  • Promotions and special events
  • Sporting events, ect..

Company Branding

  • Logo exposure
  • Print advertisement

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as ‘a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from others'.

The Marketing Advantage team creatively blends motor sports and SST Angels to immediately attract attention to our client's brand. Focused on a specific "product Loyal" community of customers, we can effectively Introduce, Stimulate & Maintain product Awareness.

Company logo identification will be effectively displayed on sample product and/or brochures distributed through out the region. Digital print banners, display items, team apparel, SST Racing Series Competitors, Series Schedule cards, promotional photos, event program ads, event media print advertisement and the prestigious SST/ECG Calendar will reinforce the branding of these products.

Event support awareness

  • Multiple PA Announcements
  • Digital print banners

Audio and visual communication with the potential customer base can be most effective in a motor sport setting because of the traditional proven methods. The captive audience absorbs product awareness due to the repetitiveness of the advertisement.

Event announcers relay the message designed by the marketing team to provide additional points of interest pertaining to the given products.

Digital print banners reinforce the event exposure with a constant reminder of participating branded products.

Multiple Media release opportunities

  • Promotional Pictures
  • News Print

The goal of the Marketing Advantage team is to constantly develop new ways to stimulate product awareness. Photo opportunities combined with news releases are a common tool within the motor sport industry, which provides broad exposure to a given region.

Website exposure becomes the hub for regional race fans to visit when searching for motor sport entertainment and information. Mixed within the website, fans will notice continual branding and links designed to drive web traffic to marketing partner sites. Expanded programs within partnering sites will enhance the customer relationship.

Fun & entertainment

More than just advertisement, the Marketing Advantage Team provides a combination of motor sport fun & entertainment opportunities with product exposure and sample distribution. The data base accessibility, acts as a fresh and direct link for our marketing partners to personalized contact with customers. Each marketing partner has a unique product, and each program is customized to fit there needs.

Program Value

The marketing advantage program has many unique characteristics to develop product recognition by way of Onsite Branding and continued revisiting of potential customers as listed above.

Each portion of the marketing, when divided into the over all investment of the MA Program, can be broken down per unit, for just pennies on the dollar!

Added value comes, as the Marketing Advantage Team evolves as an extension of your companies marketing department. Working together to fine-tune and customize the effectiveness of your product awareness within the northeast SST Region.

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Marketing Partners

Get the business growth you’re looking for by partnering with us!!!

Sponsor involvement is a vital part of the Motorsports racing world. We would like to express our appreciation to them and hope that you will show your appreciation by supporting their products and/or services. Thank you!

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Classified Ads
Classified Ads
For SaleStreet Stock Chassis- full cage on 112wb frame, no drive train, some extra parts $500
call Jim at Tuff Toys Performance 585 237 2580
For SaleRacing fuel and Hoosier tires . Call (585) 237-2580 or Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for price and availability. In stock as of May 1st
For SaleRacing team is clearing out spare parts inventory: Butler Built seat with leg, shoulder, and head supports $450, black Aero wide five rims in 4" and 5" offsets $35 each, 2 sets of Sweet Ford style 7 3/4" wide five spindles with superlite style brake brakets $140 for brand new set and $90 for good used set, Brand new Wilwood GT 48 Directional van 11 3/4 rotors $150 for set ($145 each new), Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite Calipers with 1.75 thermolock pistons $125 for the set, Wilwood Superlite Calipers with 1.25 pistons $125 for the set, six Wilwood wide five aluminum hubs $45 each, Aluminum power steering pump with tank and lines $150, Billet pinion mount panhard adjuster $75, Afco and Hypercoil coil over springs in 10" 12" 14" lengths 175# to 400# rates $25 each, varioius length uppers and lowers, MSD ignition box with 1 season (track changed rules), Appleton 2.5 power rack and pinion $300, two Light weight Chevrolet Muncie Transmission by Old Man Engineering with gundrilled shafts minus first and second gears light rotating weight $700($1,500 new). All good parts.
call 814-739-0219 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For SaleTrucks for sale** 1997 F600 18’stake bed, only 52Kmiles, gasV-8, 6speed, 2speed rear $6500
2001 Dodge 350 12 stake bed gas V-12 100k miles, Auto $6500 585.237.2580
Check them out at TTI Auto & Truck Sales - 86 S. Main St, Perry
For Sale

Suzuki RM50 Great Starter Bike. Factory in 80 Chassis- Big wheels Easy starting. Must sell to continue supporting kids racing habit $475. 585.237.2580 Check it out at the race track - WCIS

For Sale2 Hoosier Commanche 26.5-80-15 NEW 585 237 2580 $150/pair
For SaleBramer’s Trailer Sales, located 6195 Rt.20A East in Warsaw New York, provides a full assortment of high quality trailers from trustworthy brands like Shadowmaster, Cargo Express, Kwik-Load Roll Back, Mustang Trailers, Cam Superline Dump and Construction Trailers. Toll Free: 1-800-356-0523 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For SaleWe offer this as a free services to, any one that actively attends our events on a regular basis. Other then WCIS listed items, (WCIS) dose not guarantee the accuracy of the information or item listed by others and takes any responsibility for any transaction between Seller or buyer. Please list responsibly! To place your add, please use our Contact Us Page or Click here to download our listing form
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