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SST Modified Teams Invited to Informational Meeting

Special request from Jim Majchrzak- SST Series Director 585.237.2580

SST Modified Series: A special request to all SST Modified teams… please join us SUNDAY January 13,2008 at 1p.m Valley View Lanes, East Hill Rt. 20A Warsaw NY.

It has been no secrete that some promoters have not made a HONEST EFFORT to support the SST Modified group… this is very discouraging. We began this effort in 1999 and continued to grow in numbers every season… this is good. But unfortunately, I feel as an organization, we can do better.

The format of SST was designed to grow modified numbers and focus on home track participation. The Bonus Races were developed to encourage teams to visit participating SST facilities and create a great promotional tool for promoters to develop rivalry and excitement. The Tour Races would become the highlight of the series. Generating big team participation from across the North-East. Teams would proudly represent their home track, as fans gathered to cheer them on!

Simple… ABC’s of network and promotion. Working together to make our big shows bigger… but even with all of our effort… SST is only as good as those who stand within it… the sum of all its parts. If we have negativity or opposition within the group… scheduling conflicting events, allowing Illegal Components (Heads, etc.) to clear home track tech or failing to promote the SST name within track marketing… then we stumble… and this my friends is unfair, and starting to get old.

I don’t believe the Short Track Racing industry is working very efficiently… this also includes myself. So changes have to be made. Not in the rules and regulations… that needs to stay as consistent as possible, working to keep the cost down…but in the way we work together to become bigger then we are… developing HEROS and marketing programs to attract sponsors and a solid fan base. Fighting off this growing economical burden to allow every participating SST team to afford to do what we love to do… RACE!

I can’t promise great achievement without everyone’s support. There are over 100 SST type Modifieds now within our region. If you respect the efforts of those who helped to create the growth of SST today… then join me at this meeting. If we can’t generate 100% support from the SST Home tracks… then its time to move on.

I cordially invite all you to consider racing at the BullRing in 2008 (WCIS). I propose a progressive purse based on car count and crew participation. With the potential of 30,40,50 or more teams, we can create some of the best racing competition this region has ever cheered for… Friday nights at the BullRing … Saturday night through out the summer, we TOUR!

The series format could be adjusted to accommodate your top 7 best finishes at WCIS and the total of all tour races to proudly crown the 2008 SST Modified Champion

I request your dedication and support for one season… give us a chance and we will make every effort to respect, promote, and generate as much SST growth as we physically can. Invite your family, friends, and sponsors to enjoy the competition and I will create a purse worthy of supporting each participating team … But in return, I need this one season and your full support, to help make this all possible.

Thank you for your care full consideration.

  • Based on about 30 cars- $1,000 to win - 40 cars- $1200 to win
  • $150 to take the green
  • Tow $ for unqualified teams, ‘Certificates of Support’ from speed shops
  • Marketing designed for enhancing current and potential sponsors
  • Well promoted tour events with programs to create team exposure
  • Fun, fair, respect, and great competition

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