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02-20-06 RMR SnoX Postponed in Perry

 Perry NY: Mother Nature …Where is the snow? Has the winter weather gone on vacation? Will it return in time for great winter activities?

Wyoming County International Speedway reluctantly postponed the Pro RMR SnoX Tour event scheduled for Feb 25-26 until the necessary amount of snow needed to build the track, arrives. The winter warm-up in temperature the region experienced last week diminished the stock piled snow at the facility to a minimum.

Representatives of the Speedway spoke with the Rock Maple Racing ( RMR ) Officials to setup a possible future date to host this monster winter motor sport event here in Western New York. The future weather forecast for the region is optimistically calling for substantial snow this upcoming weekend. 6-10 inches of new base may be all that is needed to gather the proper amount of snow.

Special thanks to local area land owners for offering there farm fields which will help make this
snow gathering operation a success. This snow can be plowed up and trucked over to WCIS, if not enough is able to be provided by the 50 acre Perry motor sport facility grounds.

The WCIS tentative date may substitute the scheduled Blackrock Speedway event set for March 4th-5th if the Southern tier of NYS remains snow less for the days ahead. Many of the events of the RMR West Tour have been affected by abnormal winter conditions of the north east. Commended efforts of RMR officials to relocate SnoX events will continue until Mother Nature returns to normal.

Spectators and race teams can log on to www.wyomingcountyinternationalspeedway.com to keep updated on the rescheduled RMR SnoX. WCIS management recommends registering your email address within the ‘Contact Us’ information section of the Wyo. Co Speedway website. This will allow for direct contact of snowmobile motor sport events as they develop. For additional information, phone the speedway office at 585.237.2580

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