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Bounty on Barber?

Barber Wins 5 SST Modified Races In a Row

Perry, NY. The BullRing was set for yet another day of excitement with the return of the Cup-Lite race series to Wyoming County International Speedway. Five different divisions of racing in one night made for some great side-by-side racing and L&L Transmission presented the Cruise Night Midway car show.

 Friday night, the fans watched with anticipation as the SST Modifieds came out onto the track. On the pole for tonight’s feature is Scott Reese #4 and outside pole is Mike Bliss #72, green flag waves and Reece leads the SST Modifieds into turn one and holds off Bliss for the lead. Behind them, there is a three-way drag race down the backstretch for third, Joe Evans #91 drops down to the inside of Dick Kluth #27 and makes the pass for the 3rd position. John Barber #01 is right on the tail of Steve Fuchs #0 in fifth place as they come out of turn two Barber slingshots around the car of Fuchs #0 and takes the spot. Barber now in fourth after starting in the 7th spot. Joe Evans #91 2009 SST Tour champion caught the #4 of Reece and makes the pass for the lead. Barber #01 passes Bliss #72. On the next lap, Baber passes by Reece #4 for the 2nd spot, as he continues the charge for the lead. As they come out of turn four Baber passes by Evans on the inside for the lead, Evans now in second attempts, to reel in Barber to race for the lead but Barber's on a roll in 2009 season and refused to give up the lead, Evan has to settle into 2nd place. As they come out of turn four and the checkered flag is in the air, John Baber wins 5 in a row at the Perry BullRing. In second place is #91 Joe Evans and coming across the line in 3rd is #4 Scott Reece.

SST SuperStock Feature had everyone on their feet as the top three cars in the points start up front and are set to take the green flag #64 Brian Gleason starts on pole. Next to him is the point’s leader #15 Bobby Lippa Jr. and starting in third is Brian Gordon #17, the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife as they take the green flag for the 25-lap feature. Gleason takes them down into turn one; heading down the backstretch Gordon #17 hits the back of Lippa Jr. #15 when Lippa Jr. has to check up going into turn three. The #64 of Gleason and the #15 of Lippa Jr. went back and forth changing the lead with Todd Stone #28 and Gordon just waiting for the two leaders to make a mistake. Lippa Jr. makes the pass on the inside of Gleason and Gordon is tucked in right behind Lippa, that move Gordo up to 3rd. Stone follows on the inside and pole sitter Gleason falls back to 4th. The checkers is in the air and its Bobby Lippa Jr. #15 wins the SST SuperStock feature, #17 Brian Gordon finishes 2nd and #64 Brian Gleason crosses the stripe in the 3rd Spot.

Cup-Lites return to Wyoming and put on a great show for the fans the #21 Gary Walker started on the pole, after leading the first eight laps Jeff Moorhouse #25 makes the pass on Walker #21 and takes the lead. The #17 Mark Hoch also makes the pass on Walker #21 for the second spot as the Cup-Lites come out of turn four Walker #21 tries to make the pass on Scott Wylie #47 and clear him for the spot, Walker #21 and Wylie #47 get together and bring out the caution. There is a green white checker on the restart and Wylie #47 has gone from third to fifth. Checkered Flag is out and #25 Jeff Moorhouse wins the Cup Lite feature by a half a straight away lead followed by #17 Mark Hoch in 2nd and #21 Gary walker battles back to finish in 3rd.



Kevin Grom #93 out of Holland NY started on the pole in the 4-Cylinder Stock feature after winning his heat race. Grom gets a jump on the start of the feature event as he leads the field down into turn one with the #36 Austyn Fugle from Livonia NY is right on Grom’s bumper. Grom starts to drop back as Fugle Takes the lead, 5-laps in. The #4 TJ Drennen has made his way to the front of the field by picking off cars one and two at a time and takes the lead from Fugle and would retain the lead for the rest of the 4-Cyl Stock feature. The battle was on for the second spot as Brian Johnson #85 and Fugle remained door-to-door form half way mark of the feature until the last few laps when Fugle used a lap car to position himself for the spot. Taking the checkers TJ Drennon #3 scores his first win at the BullRing in the 4-Cyl Stock class, in second place #36 Austyn Fugle and coming across the finish line in third is the current point’s leader Brian Johnson #85.

Mini Cups now up for their feature race, these are the ½ scale version of late models that run thought the country. The Mini Cups take the green flag and Daniel Majchrzak #14 takes the point with John Scutt #05 in second. Binder #48 in third and Robby Becker #95 right on Scutt rear bumper, R Becker dives down to the inside of Scutt going into turn one and takes the third position coming out of turn two. Amy Becker #86 started the feature race in the back and caught the leaders, A Becker #86 locks bumpers with Majchrzak #14, the two cars draft down the backstretch. With five laps to go A Becker breaks the draft and swings around Majchrzak for the lead. As they come down to the Stripe Amy Becker #48 wins her first feature race at the Perry BullRing. In second J Binder #48 and finishing up in the 3rd spot is Daniel Majchrzak #14.

Next Friday 6/19/2009, Stone Contracting presents the kids bike race on the front stretch with bike giveaways. SST Modifieds, SST SuperStock, 4Cylinder stock, & MiniCup

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