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Super Short Track Racing

Results 05-30-08

Results by Elliott Prentice


Again top point’s leader, Pattie Pruitt won the S.S.T. Mod feature although Toad Bradshaw’s 00 seemed sure to win but got edged at the end of the feature on a restart which shifted Toad into taking a 2nd. John Barber’s 01 secured a 3rd place win and ran fast and strong in John’s groove choice on the Bull Ring’s fast double groove.


Brian Gordon not only won the super stock feature but one of the Brian Gordon #17 family ladies also won a FREE microwave from the Wyoming County Speedway’s ***Caledonia Outlet Sponsor’s WEEKLY DOOR PRIZE generosity! Todd Stone’s 28 placed 2nd and Justin Logsdon’s 07 was again a consistent 3rd.


Mini cup’s Kris Hamann flew his red ‘8’ to win but thoughtfully when interviewed, Kris wished his #24 competitor, Robert Micoli more luck with his drive line’s chain that caused trouble again in the feature.


The 4 cylinder WASP repeat champion, Bill Verwys also flew seemingly effortlessly into the winner’s circle with his #8. Getting 2nd was the O of new racer Bro. Bradshaw followed by brother Otis Bradshaw in his 00.


Wyoming County’s new powerful sound system was a proud loud and clean winner too! Motor sports legend announcer Mike Paas was given the employee of the week award for his exceptional through the week consultation advice and hard work along with Wyoming’s owner/operator’s Jim and Big Jim Majchrzak too! 

Just a week prior, the announcers, Elliott, Max and Eve Prentice were forced into retiring for the night when the lights came on and the sound system got a jolt that left fans without even knowing when it was intermission time!

But this Friday May 31st…all the fans ran to W.C.I.S’s concession stands when they heard the beautiful new sound system’s announcement: “STEP RIGHT UP! DELICIOUS HOT CHOCOLATE NOW…JUST 50 CENTS!” 

***CALEDONIA OUTLET from above
And a ton of super door prizes when fans enter and sign up all season long!***


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