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Results 06-06-08


by: Elliott Prentice

RESULTS: June 6th 2008 Wyoming County International Speedway:

Oh yeah...there was a lot of exciting high energy with only a couple of cautions all night long!  As the May 30th Wyoming Speedway fans also enjoyed good but cooler weather with their 50 cent Hot Chocolate drinks, this June 6th summer night's weather also spelled exciting hot lap after lap racing all evening long! 

But on this coming June 13, 14 weekend our June weather Double Day Races, will even offer Friday's admission to a full race night at only $5.00 plus FREE Camping!  Then the Bull Ring offers best ever present for Father's Day being:  the Saturday's (ROC) Race of Champions Open Wheel Modified's race that starts at 7:p.m.

The June 6th weather encouraged every girl and boy to dash onto the track in their own  KID'S  ROLL THE  RACE  CAR  TIRE  CONTEST!  They all had fun, and all were cheerful energetic winners.

MINI CUPS Sr. heat one: the 8 of Kris Hamann wins and Happy 18th birthday this Monday, June 9th.  FEATURE: (Sr) 8 Kris Hamann, 94 Michelle Becker, 86 Roy Becker (sitting in for Amy Becker),  24 Robbie Micoli.   MINI CUPS Jr. heat one: Daniel Majchrzak's 14 after a lot of troublesome gasket etc. repairs over the last few weeks. FEATURE (Jr.) 14 Daniel Majchrzak and Daniel's first feature win! 95 Robbie Becker took a 2nd followed by the #5 of Johnny Scott and the #4 of RJ Evans.


Heat one: 25  Beth Dennie  Heat two: Gert MacDonald 33  FEATURE: 14 year old Bro Bradshaw won his 1st feature in his #0!  00 Otis Bradshaw 33 Gert MacDonald after having started from the back of the field and the #8 of Bill Verwys with Dakota Packman in his #19 rounding out the top five.


Heat: 17 of Brian Gordon  28  Todd Stone 64  Brian Gleason FEATURE: 17 Brian Gordon  28 Todd Stone 07 Justin Logesdon 64 Brian Gleason 36 Tommy Bellanca.

PURE STOCK FEATURE: 20 Mike Chenaille


S.S.T. Heat one: 72 Mike Bliss 55 Greg Utberg 07 Jake Logston  Heat two: 8 Patti Pruitt 91 Joe Evans with 8x Bobby Holmes and the 01 of John barber. S.S.T. FEATURE: 1st 8x Bobby Holmes  2nd 01 John Barber and 3rd place, Wyoming's top point's leader, Patti Pruitt that worked her way up from the back and in her trackside interview commented, "We went a long time without a caution.  I wanted that caution!"


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