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Results 06-20-08


By: Elliott Prentice

After starting in 3rd place, Kevin Miller's 22 made the evening’s first heat win at Wyoming County Speedway look real easy as his 22 WASP 4 cylinder flew though the laps well ahead of the field. Dave Bradshaw's 01 that spun around in corner 4 on lap five brought out the only caution. 2nd went to the 25 of Beth Dennie and 3rd went to the 02 of Ontario’s Mike Bradshaw.

After starting 4th, in heat two it only took Bill Verwyse three laps to get bumper to bumper with the #9 lead car of Eric Hastreiter. Then on lap four, Bill’s #8 4 cylinder took the lead right through to the checker but by only a car length ahead of Eric Hastreiter’s Mopar Performance Parts #9. Lockport’s Gert MacDonald managed 3rd from another two car lengths back.

The Sr. Mini heat winner was the 8 of Kris Haman and the Jr. Mini heat winner was Johnny Scott’s #5.

The top four Super Stock positions ran real close for most of their first heat with the Justin Logesdon 07 Brian Gleason 64 Todd Stone 28 and Caledonia’s Brian Gordon 17 all being so skilfully driven around Wyoming’s fast double groove that the Wyoming fans were leaning forward with amazement! No caution until the back of the pack‘s 36 Tommy Bellanca stock came off turn 4 too hot on lap 4. Gordon’s 17 manoeuvred up to take the heat’s win.

The S.S.T two heats were won by the E1 of Ron Williams and top points leader Patti Pruitt’s #8 driven by husband Billy Ray Pruitt.

Greg Utberg was kind and generous to bring his #55 S.S.T. over to the fans at intermission. The fans got to meet Greg and look over and walk around the 55 Love Excavating sponsored open wheel mod’ parked on the start finish line!

Right off the hop as Wyoming’s 4 cyl’ feature barley got the green, on the first turn, TJ Drennan’s #3 WASP got jammed into a check up ½ way through corner’s 1 and 2. But the Drennan crew found that the damage to the front left tie rod area of the Verwyse sponsored #3 was too much for a quick fix to continue in the race. As 6 laps rolled by, Otis Bradshaw’s 00 moved from running at the back of the top 5 cars to a 4th on corner 4 and again by running on the outside the 00 got up to 3rd.

Over the next few laps the Bradshaw Racing sponsored 00 moved into 2nd place then into 1st with the top 6 lead cars all tightly packed in pursuit. No cautions gave Otis his chance to pull away from them and as the field thinned out Gert MacDonald’s 33 got into 2nd and Mike Bradshaw’s 02 got into 3rd which was the way they finished. The 00, 33 and 02.

Early on in the Mini feature there was a horrific hit on the corner 4 wall by Amy Becker in her #86 Mini Cup as a result of the Mini’s checking up. Amy was o.k. but forced to retire from the feature. Robert Micoli was once again this week forced to dash into the pits because of mechanic problems. The top four Sr. winners were: 8 Kris Haman, 48 Chuck Bernoski, 24 Robbie Micoli and the 94 of Michelle Becker. The Jr. winners were the 95 of Robby Becker, 5 of Johnny Scott and the 14 of Daniel Majchrzak.

And again the tightly spaced 07 64 28 and 17 Super Stock 4 car group ran together lap after lap but now in their 25 lap feature. Then Todd Stone got out in front with Brian Gordon on Todd’s #28 heels for the next 8 laps. But as Stone ran up high going towards corner 3, Gordon’s 17 didn’t slow down enough which spun out Todd Stone’s 28 and they both went to the back on the restart.

First time racer rookie Justin Logesdon once again took the green from the pole position as he did when the race started but this time Justin’s 07 quickly got out in front where he stayed to win with Todd Stone getting back up to take a 2nd and the Mead Supply and Volland Electric sponsored 49 of Jeff Merritt getting a 3rd. An elated young heart pounding first feature win Justin Logesdon proudly took to the mic’ to thank his family and to even to call out Wyoming’s 50/50 winners too! Mike Chenaille won the Street (Pure) Stock in his #20.

The SST feature was as always at N.Y. State’s famous Wyoming speedway, real fast and very exciting. Start: 07 27 55 E1 72 91 2 0 01 8 18 00 43 77. Finish: 8 01 91 0 27 00 55 43 77 2 E1 07 18 72. Early on Billy Ray got wife Patti’s #8 way out in front and Billy Ray kept Patti’s

SST well ahead for the win.

And after the features and an amazing amount of FREE weekly giveaways, the fans were treated to a real light hearted fun round of the Bull Ring’s JUNKYARD HOCKEY!


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