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Super Short Track Racing

Results 06-27-08


By: Elliott Prentice


At the half way point of the Super Short Track Mod feature race when Wyoming County International Speedway’s Doug Packman crossed his closed flags, the 91 of Joe Evans slipped into first place and the E1 of Ron Williams moved into second. They stayed there until the checkered flags. The winners of the SST Mods were: the 91 Evans Racing car of Joe Evans, the E1 DeLange Racing car of Ron Williams in second and the No. 72 of Mike Bliss in third. Jake Logsdon took a fourth in his No. 07 Sewer Specialty Services Co. car and the No. 27 of Dick Kluth managed fifth. At one point well into the SST feature laps there was an incredible in field drift by the Love Excavating No. 55 of Greg Utberg. Greg flew full speed off the back stretch just before going into corner three and skillfully got stopped before going back up into corner four from the infield. This was Joe Evan’s first ever feature win. With the crew team help of Joe’s father, Jeff, Joe’s interview huge grin and thank you to his dad and family included, “We’ve got the car running right and finally got through to win!”

The WICS Super/Street Stock Car feature was won by first time at WCIS in 2008 this season, Jay Mundra. After the first caution the No. 16 No Blanket Smoke Shop car of Jay Mundra had moved past the No. 41 of Tony Pangrazio and the No. 28 of Todd Stone into second place. After a long caution from Tony Pangrazio’s No.41 barreling down the front stretch then sitting for a good while facing backwards with the brake pedal stuck to the floor, the Super Stock feature field finally got up and running again. When the last caution appeared the No. 16 car of Jay Mundra moved into first place where he stayed to take the checkered. The winners of the Super Stock combined with the Street Stock division feature were the No. 16 of Jay Mundra followed by the No. 17 of Brian Gordon in second then the No. 15 of Bobby Lippa Jr.’s JG Autoworks in third then Todd Stone’s No.28 in fourth and in fifth, last week’s first time ever feature winner, a WCIS rookie the No.07 Justin /Logesdon.

Wyoming Speedway’s WASP 4 cylinder feature race was won by the No. 9 Mopar Performance Parts of Eric Hastreiter. Early on in the forty lap special WASP feature the first caution allowed the nine car of Eric Hastreiter to move into first place where he remained. The winners of the WASP division were the No. 9 of Eric Hastreiter then, Bill Verwys in the No. 8 4cyl. car, followed in third place by the No. 22 of Kevin Miller. Fourth was Gert McDonald in her No. 33 car then, No. 00 of Otis Bradshaw. As this very exciting forty lap race ran, Bill Verwys worked his way back up from the back after going pit side to get a new tire. But famous as Wyoming Speedway is known for race cars crews helping each other, competitors Bradshaw Racing crew members were the fast tire changers for Bill Verwys.

The feature winner of the Mini Cups Jr. division was the No. 14 of Daniel Majchzak with Robby Becker in the No. 95 car getting second. The No. 94 of Michelle Becker was the Pro Mods feature winner.

The winner of the first SST Mod’s heat race was the E1 six time champion Ron Williams. John Barber in the No. 01 car won the second SST Mod’s heat race.


The 64 of Brian Gleason won the first heat race for the Street Stock and Super Stock heat race. The winner of the second Street Stock and Super Stock heat race was the 16 of Jay Mundra.

The winners of the WASP division were the 22 of Kevin Miller in the first heat and the 8 of Bill Verwys for the second heat.

The winner of the Mini Cups heat race is the 95 of Robbie Becker.

Coming up next week is the July 4th long weekend with fireworks, Midstate Vintage Stock Cars, 50’s and 60’s day and more racing with the SST Modifieds, Street/Super Stocks and WASP divisions. 


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