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Super Short Track Racing

Results 07-11-08


By: Max & Elliott Prentice

S.S.T. Feature:

This was T.J. Potrzebowski first W.C.I.S. appearance in this ’08 season and T.J. won the feature. T.J. Potrzebowski was able to get up to third position after the third caution by getting around the No. 72 car of Mike Bliss. Bliss held strong for nearly half the race in first. John Barber’s 01 and T.J. Potrzebowski really battled though out most of the race but T.J. Potrzebowski’s McGuire’s Septic Service car held first place and won despite the many cautions.

S.S.T. Feature Results: T.J. Potrzebowski, Tom McGrath’s No. 12, Wyoming’s points leader, the No. 8 of Pattie Pruitt driving in her team partner Tony Hanbury’s No.42, Mike Bliss, Andy Jankowiak, John Barber, Ron Williams, Toad Bradshaw, Joe Evans, Dick Kluth, T.J. Zacharias, Scott Combs, Lee Sharpster and , Jake Logsdon.

Street / Super Feature:

Points leader Brian Gordon grabbed the feature win after starting in second. Gordon started off standing on the accelerator pedal on the first lap by moving past Brian Gleason’s No. 64. Gleason and Gordon continued to switch places until the first caution when Gleason fell to third with Jeff Merritt’s 49 getting into second with Gordon in first. Near the end, the new top three, Gordon and Todd Stone in his No. 28 Justin Logesdon’s 07 switched positions several times and they even went three wide in corner four just before the on the edge of your seat checkered was flown for Brian Gordon. 

Street / Super Feature Results: Brian Gordon, Todd Stone, Justin Logesdon, Mike Chenaille, Matt Jurek, Debbie Jurek Jeff Merritt, Tony Pangrazio Marty Hughes and Brian Gleason.

WASP Feature:

Gert McDonald won the Wasp 4 cly’ feature after starting tenth. Gert’s No.33 ran like it was on rails and after some cool maneuvering she was able to pass the No. 0 of Bro Bradshaw. MacDonald then stayed in first for the remainder of the race. In the winner’s circle interview, along with thanking everyone Gert added with an as a matter of fact tone, “This is Mindy and she’s going to have a baby on my birthday in September!” 

WASP Feature Results:

Gert McDonald, Bill Verwys, Otis Bradshaw, Beth Dennie Kevin Miller, Matt Druar, Bob Bogner driving for Eric Hastreiter , Mike Bradshaw Brian Johnson, Bro Bradshaw, Cassie Logston, Dakota Packman Dan Scott T.J. Drennen.

Mini Cups Feature Results:

Pro Mod: Kris Hamann, Roy Becker driving for Amy Becker, Michelle Becker.

Mini Cups: Johnny Scott, Daniel Majchrzak, Robby Becker and R.J. Evans.

The intermission was again vibrant with both the 22 of Kevin Miller and the 51 of T.J. Potrzebowski bringing their cars to the start finish line for the fans to get a close look and to hear the drivers explain the many racing points of interest.

SST Heat 1: Pattie Pruit. SST Heat 2: Joe Evans. Street Stock / Super Stock Heat: Brian Gordon. WASP Heat 1: Kevin Miller WASP Heat 2: Gert McDonald, Bill Verwys, Beth Dennie Mini Cups Heat: Pro Mods: Kris Hamann. Jr. Mini Cups heat: Johnny Scott.

The July 11th Pirate Boat crash race was a smash hit with the fans. Graham Grey was the winner and the speedway’s surface was the happy looser with boats scattered everywhere! Next Friday is the mid-season championship. Double points and W.C.I.S. celebrates Farm Day with a Four Wheel Drive Pull-Off Truck Show.


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