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By Max and Elliott PrenticeÖ

Perry N.Y....S.S.T. FEATURE: John Barber's 01 arrived late after driving up from Pennsylvania, but ran a hot line throughout to win the S.S.T. feature. Toad Bradshaw's no.00's gas pedal stuck on the first lap and Toad's car piled into turn four with a horrendous thud. Thankfully Toad was not hurt. On the restart, Dick Kluth's no.27 shot high on the outside beside the pole and as Dick seemed to be able to grab the lead in the first lap, both Bradshaw and Kluth were retired. Meanwhile, John Barber jumped up from fifth into third in those first laps. Pointís leader Patti Pruitt started third in her borrowed S.S.T. Owego Sanitation car from team partner Tony Hanbury, but trailed into second throughout the thirty-five lap double points feature. With only a couple of no fault spin out cautions, Barber and Pruitt moved way up ahead in the field and after Joe Evans in his no.91 carefully manoeuvred up, he held on for a third place finish. So without hot laps Barber landed the win without any hesitation once in the lead.


The Super Stock feature winner Bobby Lippa Jr. later commented that he felt comfortable. "Tonight, I had both the patience and the aggression." After starting half way down the field in seventh position and two early cautions, the JG Autoworks no.15 was in the top three positions. With Lippa Jr's patience his car moved into second on lap thirteen. Again working on Todd Stone's no.28, Bobby Lippa Jr. slipped under the 28 going into turn three on lap seventeen and managed to make the pass even though, as Bobby said later, "My car goes in faster than it comes out of the corners." The Todd Stone 28 couldn't get more than second for the remaining thirteen laps with Brian Gleason's Churchville Restaurant no.64 placing third after running in first at the beginning. That first caution was unfortunate for pointís leader Brian Gordon as his No.17 super stock simply died down without power.


Bill Verwys won the WASP 4 cylinder twenty-five lapper and when interviewed said, "I saw a bunch of cars loose going into turn two and I thought keep way back!" And that was one huge pile up on corner two of that first lap. Bill's no.8 was half way up on the full twenty-five lap restart from having started at the end of the field. Eric Hastreiter's no.9 finished the feature in second. Eric also got to be placed way up after that first lap multi corner crunch. Mike Bradshaw's 02 sat proud in the third place winner's circle with the fenders crumpled from getting into the multi car early pile up then working back up.

S.S.T. MODIFIEDS HEATS: Patti Pruitt, Ron Williams S.S.T. MODIFIEDS FEATURE: John barber, Patti Pruitt, Joe Evans, Jimmy Zacharias, Mike Bliss, Ron Williams, Shelly Perry, Jake Logesdon, Andy Yacono, Scott Combs, Dennis Loucks, Ed Schueler, Dick Kluth, Toad Bradshaw

SUPER/PURE STOCK HEATS: Brian Gleason Todd Stone SUPER/PURE STOCK FEATURE: Bobby Lippa Jr., Todd Stone, Brian Gleason, Tony Pangrazio, Mike Chenaille, Chris Kline, Tommy Bellanca, Tim Garlock, Justin Logesdon, Brian gordon

WASP HEATS: Mike Bradshaw, Kevin Miller WASP FEATURE: Bill Verwys, Eric Hastreiter, Mike Bradshaw, Gert MacDonald, Chris Jones, Dave Bradshaw, Bro Bradshaw, Dakota Packman, Beth Dennie, Cassis Logsdon, T.J. Drennan, Kevin Miller, Otis Bradshaw

MINI CUP HEATS: Kris Mann, Robby Becker MINI CUP FEATURES: PRO MOD CUPS: Kris Mann JR CUPS: Johnny Scutt

Intermission on track interviews were a fan treat with Kevin Miller and his no.22 WASP car and Rick Kluth with Rickís fifty-year racing legend father, Dick Kluth and Dickís no.27 S.S.T. But the W.C.I.S. fans got a rise and nearly a thriller when the intermission monster truck itself almost rolled right over as it drove way lopsided over the sacrificed demo cars. Even Wyoming County Dairy Princess Lorna Osborne was concerned as she stood a few feet away after being interviewed. Also in true Wyoming farm night style every girl and boy got a sensational authentic hay ride right through pit road and around the speedway.

Next week boys and girls can again bring out their bike at intermission for the bicycle races and one child will even win a ToddRacing Sponsored bicycle giv-away on the W.C.I.S. Stone Contracting Sponsored July 25th races. Great Racing! Great times! Be there!

S.S.T. Modifieds Touring Series Saturday July 19th Holland International Speedway update: The r**n date for the Super Short Track Modís George Decker Memorial 100 is August 23rd.  There were a whopping thirty-four cars on hand and with only two heats run when the weather shut the night down. Patti Pruitt got tangled up with Steve Fuchs in turn three and Fuchs was very near to going over the wall. Patti got her ride going in that second heat but Fuchs was out with a bent axle.


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