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Results 07-25-08


By Max, Eve and Elliott Prentice…

Perry N.Y....S.S.T. FEATURE:  Patti Pruitt, after winning the second S.S.T. heat race earlier in the evening, also won the S.S.T. feature. A third lap spinout with Scott Combs’ No. 80 and the Wyoming Speedway top points leader, the No. 8 of Pruitt sent both cars to the pits but both were able to get back on the track before the end of the lap three caution. The third caution involving the spinout of Timmy Zacharias’ 76 car on lap seven allowed Pruitt to move up from 11th position into eighth. Pruitt’s Raytech Security car remained in eighth place until lap fourteen, when everyone saw the 8x of Bobby Homes attempt a super pass on the No. 44 lead car of Butch Perry on the back stretch. 

Everyone leaned forward then stood with their jaws dropped as Bobby pushed his peddle for enough speed to take the lead just over half way down the back stretch. But Bobby’s right side wheels climbed up to the top of the wall and the car ran at a 45 degree angle until his 8x reached the exit opening wall break and the original pizza log yellow 8x car’s front end dropped from running out of wall to ride on and that surreal slow motion like timing began as the shock to us all unveiled the 8x car flipping over. The car’s momentum slid the upside down S.S.T. into corner three where it stopped. Thankfully without any injury whatsoever Bobby hung upside down for a bit. The words over the p.a. soon bellowed, “Bobby Homes is o.k.!”  The response was a gigantic roaring cheer from everyone. 

Pruitt’s 8 car then moved into fifth place as other cars involved around the 8x incident were sent to the back on the restart. On the 25th lap Pruitt became the race leader by passing Dick Kluth’s sponsored No. 27 car driven by Kevin Lewis. Despite a caution involving Don King’s 43 spinning into the infield, Pruitt remained in first for the next five laps to win.


The Super Stock feature winner was Todd Stone.  After starting in fourth position the Stone Contracting super stock car moved into first position on the fifth lap. Stone ran real strong in first place for the remainder or the race.


The 22 of Kevin Miller won the WASP 4 cylinder twenty lap feature after starting in third place. Kevin Miller fought hard for first place until the first caution was thrown on lap three. After that caution, Miller gained first place and held first until the second caution on lap 14, when the No. 9 of the Southpaw Signs car of Eric Hastreiter took over the lead. This second caution on lap fourteen involved the 02 of Mike Bradshaw getting turned right around and hitting the corner four wall hard. Another battle for first happened with Miller’s No. 22 C.A.T. Automotive car trying to get the lead back from Hastreiter’s No. 9.  But on the last lap, Miller made room where there wasn’t any along the left side of Hastreiter’s No. 9 WASP car half way through corner’s three and four and banged the No.9 hard to take the lead away from Eric Hastreiter. Young Kevin Miller took the checkered.

Intermission: Stone Contracting gave away an astonishing seven new bicycles with helmets as well as twenty-eight backpacks and thirty school supply gifts for Boys and girls. The Wyoming Speedway annual bike racing was a gallant fun celebration with great racing too! 

S.S.T. MODIFIEDS HEATS:  Kevin Lewis, Patti Pruitt 

S.S.T. MODIFIEDS FEATURE:  PATTI PRUIT, Joe Evans, Kevin Lewis, Ron Williams, Butch Perry, Jim Pierce, Cam Barber, Mike Bliss, Jake Logsdon, Timmy Zacharias, Scott Combs, Don King, Bobby Homes 


SUPER/PURE STOCK FEATURE: TODD STONE, Brian Gordon, Brian Gleason, Justin Logsdon, Mike Chenaille, Tommy Bellanca, Tony Pangrazio

WASP HEATS: Kevin Miller, Eric Hastreiter

WASP FEATURE: KEVIN MILLER, Eric Hastreiter, Brian Johnson, Cassie Logsdon, Charles Buchanan, Bro Bradshaw, Dave Bradshaw, Brad Julicher, T.J. Drennan, Austyn Fugle, Beth Dennie, Chris Johnes, Dakota Packman, Mike Bradshaw, Bill Verwys, Bert McDonald.

MINI CUP HEATS: Kris Haman, Robby Becker

MINI CUP FEATURES: PRO MOD CUPS: KRIS HAMAN, Amy Becker, Michelle Becker, Chuck Bernoski JR CUPS: Daniel Majchrzak, Robby Becker, Mike Wahl

 NEXT WEEK: August 1st is the junkyard soccer and the smash and crash funfest along with great stock car racing too! Be there!


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