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Results 08-01-08


By Max Eve and Elliott Prentice…

Perry N.Y....S.S.T. FEATURE:  Jimmy Zacharias, after winning the second evening’s S.S.T. heat race, also won the S.S.T. feature. Starting in fourth place, the 44 Clark Racing Engines car shot into second place after the second lap. Jimmy remained in second despite a caution on lap 6, when the 12 car of Tom McGrath spun in corner three right into the exit shoot gap. Zacharias fought with Dick Kluth’s 27 car, driven by nephew Kevin Lewis to gain first place. Zacharias finally obtained first place on lap nine, when at the same time, the Wyoming Speedway top points leader, the No. 8 of Patti Pruitt moved into third place. At half way on lap 15, the Pruitt Owego Sanitation car moved past the 01 of John Barber into second place. Throughout the race’s second half, Patty tried hard to get past Zacharias’ car but couldn’t do it before the checkered. In Jimmy Zacharias’s interview Jimmy had first made a quick phone call then said, “That was my grandfather, Jim Zacharias that I called. I want to thank the 44 car owner Butch Perry for the ride. I’m so excited. This is my first feature win!”


The Super Stock feature winner was the top point’s leader, Brian Gordon in the 17.  After starting on the outside of the second row, the Gordon Racing Super Stock car moved into first position on the third lap. Gordon ran real strong in first place for the remainder of the no caution feature race. It was a very fast cutting edge competitive Super Stock car race. Next Friday, August 8th the Super Stocks will no doubt be cooking again with their big fifty lapper.


The 22 of Kevin Miller won the WASP 4 cylinder twenty lap feature for the second week in a row. After a restart caused by a spinout in corner four, Miller had already moved up from his starting position of ninth to third place. On lap four, Miller moved past the 00 of Otis Bradshaw from third to second place. There the no.22 C.A.T. Automotive stayed in second until the seventh lap, when he passed the 19 of Dakota Packman to become the race leader. On lap 13, the 9 of Eric Hastreiter then moved into first after passing Miller. After a caution on lap 15, Hastreiter and Miller feverously battled for the win during the remaining five laps and with an awesome close finish, Miller clean and fair out did Hastreiter to win. 

Intermission involved all the boys and girls playing some friendly soccer on the lawn of the infield and centre grandstand edge of the track. They competed with the direction of #37 referee Jim Majchrzak. All of the boys and girls walked away with happy smiles and lots and lots of prizes. Everyone had a good time, great fun and made the best new memories.

S.S.T. MODIFIEDS HEATS:  Kevin Lewis, Jimmy Zacharias 

S.S.T. MODIFIEDS FEATURE:  JIMMY ZACHARIAS, Patti Pruitt, Kevin Lewis, Jake Logsdon, Ron Williams, Mike Bliss, Joe Evans, Scott Combs, John Barber, Toad Bradshaw, Timmy Zacharias, Tom McGrath


SUPER/PURE STOCK FEATURE: BRIAN GORDON, Justin Logsdon, Tony Pangrazio, Brian Gleason, Todd Stone, Steve Vinyard, Chris Cline, Mike Chenaille, Tom Bellanca, Jeff Guidotti, Rick Ortwein

WASP HEATS: Mike Bradshaw, Kevin Miller

WASP FEATURE: KEVIN MILLER, Eric Hastreiter, Gert McDonald, Austyn Fugle, Dave Bradshaw, Dakota Packman, Brian Johnson, Cassie Logsdon, Bro Bradshaw, Otis Bradshaw, Chris Jones, TJ Drennen, Cassie McGrath, Beth Dennie, Bill Verwys, Mike Bradshaw, Josh Beardsley -DNS

MINI CUP HEATS: Michelle Becker, Daniel Majchrzak

MINI CUP FEATURES: PRO MOD CUPS: KRIS HAMAN, Michelle Becker, Cole Smith, Chuck Bernoski JR CUPS: Daniel Majchrzak, Johnny Scutt, RJ Evans

After the Napa Sponsored evening’s races, everyone stood and cheered for the greatest smash and crash junkyard soccer match that anyone ever saw. With cars pushing a three foot diameter steel soccer painted ball for points the Grey Automotive team won the 2008 Championship. With a constant roar from the W.C.I.S. fans with each mad entertaining play by play goal, Jeremy Gray was the winning team’s celebrated Captain.

NEXT WEEK: August 8th 50 lap SST Super Stock Special sponsored by X-cel Wireless with the entertainment sponsored by Spaulding Foundation Donations.


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