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Hirshman, Barber, Lippa & Drennen

John Barber Wins 7th SST Feature; Hirschmann Wins R.O.C. Feature at Wyoming County Int’l Speedway.

Perry NY, - The Wyoming county Int’l Speedway officials opened the pits two hours early so the drivers and crews would have plenty of time to fine tune their race cars for the day’s big event, presented by Advantage Truck & Equipment. The pits were full with 28 ROC Modifieds and 18 SST Modifieds, SST SuperStocks and Four Cylinder stocks and their crews, as you looked down into the pits you could see and feel the excitement building as the crews prepared their cars to battle on the 1/3 mile BullRing. The main gate opened and the grandstand filled up quickly with fans from all over Western NY for the Race of Champions 75-Lap main event.

The Mighty Modifieds rumbled out on to the front stretch for driver introductions you could feel the excitement building in the grandstands with the crowd on their feet and cheering for their Favorite Race of Champion drivers. Rusty Smith #34 is on the pole, outside pole is Pete Brittian #66 for the 75-lap feature as they come out of turn four to take the green flag Brittian takes the lead and the 11 of Tommy Farrell III swings around Smith for the second spot. Tony Hanbury #42 charging his way to the front moves into fourth, further back Eric Beers #45 is steadily making his way through the field after staring in the 11th spot. Hanbury tries to take third away from Matt Hirschmann #60 but Hirschmann closes the door on

Bounty on Barber?

Barber Wins 5 SST Modified Races In a Row

Perry, NY. The BullRing was set for yet another day of excitement with the return of the Cup-Lite race series to Wyoming County International Speedway. Five different divisions of racing in one night made for some great side-by-side racing and L&L Transmission presented the Cruise Night Midway car show.

 Friday night, the fans watched with anticipation as the SST Modifieds came out onto the track. On the pole for tonight’s feature is Scott Reese #4 and outside pole is Mike Bliss #72, green flag waves and Reece leads the SST Modifieds into turn one and holds off Bliss for the lead. Behind them, there is a three-way drag race down the backstretch for third, Joe Evans #91 drops down to the inside of Dick Kluth #27 and makes the pass for the 3rd position. John Barber #01 is right on the tail of Steve Fuchs #0 in fifth place as they come out of turn two Barber slingshots around the car of Fuchs #0 and takes the spot. Barber now in fourth after starting in the 7th spot. Joe Evans #91 2009 SST Tour champion caught the #4 of Reece and makes the pass for the lead. Barber #01 passes Bliss #72. On the next lap, Baber passes by Reece #4 for the 2nd spot, as he continues the charge for the lead. As they come out of turn four Baber passes by Evans on the inside for the lead, Evans now in second attempts, to reel in Barber to race for the lead but Barber's on a roll in 2009 season and refused to give up the lead, Evan has to settle into 2nd place. As they come out of turn four and the checkered flag is in the air, John Baber wins 5 in a row at the Perry BullRing. In second place is #91 Joe Evans and coming across the line in 3rd is #4 Scott Reece.

Barber wins 3 in a row!

John Barber Wins Third SST Modified Feature at BullRing, Gleason, McDonald & Scutt.

WCIS, with excitement building in the grandstands as the racecars were set to take the field on this cool and beautiful spring day. The SST Modifieds put on a show for the fans that they would not soon forget the #2 of Dan Hoag out of Dansville NY started out front going down the backstretch, the #55 Greg Utberg battled Hoag and in turn 4, Utberg advances into the lead of the 35 Lap SST Modified main event. Caution on lap two as Paul Lord Jr. #6, crashes down the front stretch and would end his night early with heavy frontend damage to his SST Modified. On the restart, Scott Reece #4 takes the lead from Utberg and pulls away. Further back in the field John Barber #01 from Bliss NY started in 6th and Joe Evans #91 made the charge towards the front of the pack. On lap-11, Barber makes the pass on Reece & takes the lead; a few laps later Utberg and Evans pass Reece. The #4 of Scott Reece slows on the front stretch, to the fate of mechanical problems, and will have to leave the race with a SST Modified that could have finished in the top three. Evan’s has now passed Utberg for second position and Barber has checked out with a five-car advantage. Coming down to the stripe John Barber #01 wins the 35-lap SST Modified  feature at Wyoming County International Speedway followed by #91 Joe Evans the 2008 SST Modified tour champion and current 2009 points leader, finished in 2nd and #55 Greg Utberg with a strong race finish in 3rd.

SST Modifieds; John Barber, J Evans, G Utberg, S Fuchs, D Hoag, D Kluth, J Logsdon, M Bliss,  E Schueler, S Reece, P Lord Jr

SST SuperStocks had the fans on their feet as they witnessed Brian Gleason #64 out of E. Concord NY and Brian Gordon #17 from Caledonia NY start on the front row for tonight’s feature. From the drop of the green flag, Gleason pulls away from Gordon but finds #15 Bobby Lippa Jr., last Friday nights SST SuperStock 50-lap tour winner and 2009 points leader on his rear bumper going down the back straightaway. Lippa Jr. kept pressure on Gleason with a great door-to-door battle, Lippa Jr. started to fade, the grandstands on their feet as they watch their points leader fall back losing positions fast. The caution comes out on lap-8 and Tony Pangrazio #41; retires for the night engine problems; #15 Bobby Lippa Jr. forced to leave the race with power steering problems. On the restart Gleason remained on point with Gordon in 2nd and #28 Todd Stone from Campbell NY moving into 3rd. Stone gets a good run at Gordon and moves into 2ndnd and Brian Gordon crosses the line in 3rd. and now sets his sights on #64 Brian Gleason. Stone catches Gleason with five laps to go, Gordon is trying to reel the two in with no luck, as they come to the white flag Gleason and Stone are door to door after Gleason breaks loose coming out of turn 4. The checkered flag waves and Gleason wins over Stone by a nose. Brian Gleason #64 wins the SST SuperStock feature & held on to the lead for all 25 laps. Todd Stone #28 in 2

SST Super Stock; Brian Gleason, T Stone, B Gordon, B Levee, M Chenaille, B Lippa Jr, T Pangrazio

Starting on the pole for the first time in a 4-Cylinder Stock feature race TJ Drennen #3 from Kendell NY outside is #93 Kevin Grom from Holland NY. At the start the Drennen machine hits the side of Grom's 4-Cyl as they come out of turn two, Grom holds on and just misses the outside wall. Caution comes out when Joe Clark #7 runs head on into the tires in turn 4, Clark climbs from the car and waves to the crowd. On the restart, Margret McDonald #33 out of Lockport NY drove up to 2nd in half a lap on lap-6 McDonald takes the lead from Drennen down the backstretch. A few laps later Brian Johnson #85 from Castile NY, Johnson is the current 4-Cyl point’s leader, Johnson started in 9th made the pass on Drennen for 2nd. The #69 Mike Meyers started deep in the field and raced his way through the field to the 4th spot. As they come down to the stripe Margret McDonald #33 takes home the checkers followed by Brian Johnson #98 in 2ndrd spot. and Mike Myers makes one more pass and finishes in the 3

4 Cylinder; Gert McDonald, B Johnston, M Meyers, C Jones, A Fugle, E Hastreiter, K Grom, TJ Drennen, C Logsdon, J Clark

The Mini Cup’s line up for the green and it is Johnny Scutt #5 with the early lead, then he spins coming out of turn four. Daniel Majchrzak #14 & Robby Becker #95 are on the front row for the restart, coming out of turn two Scutt gets a run on Becker & Majchrzak. Down the backstretch, Scutt splits the two and shoots up through the middle of them to take the lead. #95 Becker moves into 2nd and Majchrzak now in 3rd & has Michelle Becker #94 on his bumper and they battle back and forth for the 3rd spot. Up front, R Becker makes the pass for lead & Scutt settles in, a couple laps later Scutt regains the lead. M Becker passes Majchrzak for the 3rd spot. Checkered flag is in the air and Johnny Scutt captures his first feature win of the season at the BullRing, in his #5 Mini Cup. In 2ndrd. place #95 Robby Becker and Daniel Majchrzak #14 comes across the stripe in 3

Friday June 5th Roll the Tire Contest, Casey's TQ Midgets Return presented by Ed Hume Contracting, SST Modifieds, SST SuperStock, 4Cylinder stock & MiniCup.

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John Barber Wins Both Twin-25 SST Modified Features, Bobby Lippa Jr., Jeff Merritt, & Jesse Hartloff, Daniel Majchrzak.

With the clouds rolling in it looked like the night would be a wash, but the rains held off and the BullRing fans cheered for there favorite drivers as they put on a great door-to-door Friday night racing event at WCIS.

The SST Modified 25-Lap feature race the #01 John Barber returning to WCIS in his Modified with new colors and sponsors. Barber started on the front row for both 25-lap features, took the lead before the first lap was in the books, and Barber never looked back. The battle was on for the second spot between 2009 SST Tour Champ #91 Joe Evans and the #51 Bill Hebing driving the McGuire Motorsports Modified. At the strip, it is #01 Barber by three car lengths, in second #51 Bill Hebing and third is #91 Joe Evans.

The second SST Modified 25-lap feature just got under way when the #55 Greg Utberg spun coming out of turn two and collected a couple competitors #27 Dick Kluth and the #03 Modified. At the restart with only one lap in the books, once again Barber takes his SST Modified to the point and drives off. With a few laps to go, #62 Tony Hanbury made a move to the outside to take the second spot from #51 Hebing, #91 Evans knew its time to make his move and passes #51 Hebing for the third spot. At the checkers, Barber brings his 01 SST Mod in first followed by #62Tony Hanbury and #91 Joe Evans rounds up the top three.

SST SuperStock race started out with #28 Todd Stone and #15 Bobby Lippa Jr. on the front row, from the drop of the green flag Stone took the lead with Lippa Jr. right on his bumper the two battle door to door for three laps. Lippa took the lead away from Stone as they battled down the front stretch and put a four car lead between them, behind them the battle for third was heating up between last years champion #17 Brian Gordon, #72 Mike Nichols & Last weeks feature winner #41 Tony Pangrazio. As they cross the strip #15 Bobby Lippa Jr. takes the win followed By #28 Todd Stone in second and finishing in third is #41 Tony Pangrazio.

The 4-cylinder stock class #69 Mark Meyer, and #47 Eric Hastreiter start on point as the green drops, on the second lap the 4-Cyl's head into turn one and the #33 car driven by Jeff Merritt this week taps the rear bumper of the #85 Brian Johnson. Merritt backs off just enough so Johnson can recover and the race stays green. #69 Meyer starts to drop back while Johnson's recovery from the spin gives him new confidence as he is now finds him in the second spot. Meanwhile Merritt drove the #33 machine to the front of the pack and drives off with the lead. As they cross the line #33 Jeff Merritt takes the checkers, in second place is the #85 Brian Johnson after recovering from his spin. Crossing the strip in third is #69 Meyer.

In winners circle Jeff Merritt thanked Margret and Ron McDonald for letting him fill in as their driver, Ron's Mother passed away and Jeff told us it was an honor to drive and help his friends. From all of us at WCIS, Ron and Margret our thoughts & prayers are with you and you're Family.

The ProMod Mini Cups #8 Kris Hamann took the early lead followed by #12 Jesse Hartloff and #86 Amy Becker close behind them in third. Hartloff reeled in Hamann and took the lead and win followed by Kris Hamann in second and Amy Becker in third.

In Jr. Mini Cup class, #14 Daniel Majchrzak takes the checkers, in second place #94 Michelle Becker and in third #95 Robby Becker. In winner circle, Majchrzak stated, my car was 2 inches out of toe and once we corrected the problem, the car is handling much better this week.

For Victory Lane photos join the action visit

5-22-2009, Friday nights Events - 50 lap SST SuperStock Tour. Smash-n-Crash Double figure 8, MiniCup Club, 4Cylinder stock. FOAR SCORE Club.
For a full season of Short Track racing Entertainment, Visit the BullRing every Friday Evening at 7:30pm. WCIS office 585.237.2580 Track 585.237.2510

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