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Racing Secrets

  1. Study The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine and you will find it's unlikely you will do anything that's new.
  2. Study racing in Theory and Practice and realize for a second time you don't know what you are doing.
  3. Read anything you can, Then try to figure out what everybody alse is doing and not doing then do something driffrent.
  4. When a racer spends $500,000,000.00 on a racing car, try to pay attention to what they do. Don't ask them, they won't tell you anyway.
  5. Most experts aren't.
  6. Research is the difference between speculation and investment.
  7. Just because someone goes fast doesn't mean you should do whatever you think they did
  8. Test, Test, Test & Test.
  9. A new engine never makes too much power.
  10. The salt bears will win everytime.
  11. If you cant beat them, bye um lunch.. ya mite learn something.
  12. A poor sportsmen is a looser.
  13. Last place racers, assumes they knew what they were doing, which isn't necessarily the case.
  14. Be pationt and constant and you will be guaranteed a points winner.
  15. Take the high road and you mite hit the wall.
  16. Race clean and you'll be a respected driver.
  17. Stay away from the marbles.
  18. Finish top three and your garinteed a photo finish.
  19. you'll probably do everything wrong anyway, so learn from it.


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