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Super Short Track Racing

at WCIS Memorial Day through Labor Day
Gates Open at 5 PM for Dinner, Racing at 7:30 PM

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Rte. 5, Caledonia, NY

Soccer Night
August 1st, 2008
Smash-N-Crash Junkyard Soccer
following the regular racing program!

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All WCIS photos provided by
Rob Miccoli
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Mini-Monster truck Lauren Osborn & Todd Stone

Check out the SST ANGELS:

P1010063 Batavia 08 Alisa

Wyoming Co. Dairy Princess, Lauren Osborn, and Todd Stone provide important information.

Nick Kuzmicki and his 4x4 Car Crusher!


Perry, NY: Attention Soccer Players of the region: Join us Friday at Wyoming County International Speedway for Soccer Day at the races. Everyone is welcome. Wear your Soccer uniform and get in free…. Advertise your team sponsor, kids join in for the many soccer style contests for prizes throughout the races.

Letchworth Valley NAPA Auto Parts of Perry & Warsaw is the proud sponsor of Soccer Day at the Races. Race Fans stop in for all yourauto needs and say Thank you for their support.

Gates open at 5PM for dinner and racing begins at 7:30, Friday August 1st. The Big Event we all been waiting for is here! Smash-N-Crash Junkyard Soccer. A 40” steel soccer ball gets bounced between two teams of race cars in an attempt to score goals….boy, that ball can wreck some cars and entertain the crowd. Teams looking to participate should call the speedway office for more info at (585)237-2580.

An SST Angel also visits the Bullring in the Winner’s Circle again, this Friday evening for photo opportunities. She will also, promote the upcoming SST Superstock Tour Race at WCIS Friday August 8th.  Maybe the Angel can referee the Junkyard Soccer Game , Yeah…! See you Friday at the Bullring!

Track (585) 237-2510 - Office (585) 237-2580  ©2005 All Rights Reserved


Any American made sedan is eligible. Minimum stock wheelbase is 108 inches.

  • No bracing anywhere of any kind.
  • All doors must be welded or bolted shut.
  • All glass must be removed, except front windshield. Side windows must be removed.
  • The interior of the car must be completely stripped except for dashboard and front seat. Interior body panels may not be removed. Rear seat shelf and adequate fire wall mandatory.
  • The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, and wheel wells. Front inner fender wells can be removed.
  • No sectioning, channeling or chopping allowed.
  • Cars must be strictly stock, no cutting, chopping, channeling, or shortening allowed. Hood and body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times. Stock hood and trunk latches must be removed and replaced with hood pins.
  • Any holes in firewall must be sealed.
  • No lightening of body components, such as hood, trunk, doors, inner panels, fenders and roof, except clearance for roll bar installation.
  • Dashboard should remain in place. If removed, complete dash must be replaced by roll bar.
  • All interior and exterior sheet metal must be stock as manufactured for make and model of car.
  • All cars must have stock steering column. Removable steering wheel permitted, Subject to inspection by Tech.
  • All cars must weigh 3,400 pounds with driver. No more than 51.0% left side weight with driver.
  • One nerf bar per side allowed between front and rear wheels, maximum size 1 1/2” x .120 wall. All edges must be rounded, mounted bolts must be counter sunk.
  • All ballast’s must have a minimum of two (2) bolts to secure weight and must be bolted to frame or frame structure. No weight inside drivers compartment.


1. Batteries must be under hood and securely strapped. No driver compartment or trunk mounting.
2. All cars must have complete windshield.
3. Headlights and taillights must be removed.

Roll Cage Installation

  • 6 point roll cage minimum required. Must have minimum of 3 bars on driver’s side door and two on right side door
  • The roll bar must be located directly behind the driver and reach as close as possible to the roof and left side of the car.
  • Driver compartment bracing must remain inside the driver’s compartment and may not dissect, bisect or pass through the trunk. Roll bar braces from main cage on right and left sides may go through front floor or firewall to frame, One (1) bar per side and not past A-frames.
  • Roll bar installation is subject to inspection and will be closely scrutinized.


1. No modifying of the suspension is allowed. This means none.

2. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock and unaltered for that make and model of car. No    spacers, adjusters or chains may be used to alter stock suspension of car. No cutting, heating or     altering of springs to change weight distribution.

3. All Four Corners of frame must measure within one (1) inch of level. Rusty bolt rule applies, no      new or replacement equipment allowed, unless approved.

4. Front wheel left and right camber angle should remain within factory tolerance not to exceed one    (1) inch, And measure across a 15 in wheel.

5. No racing springs or shocks. Must maintain stock spring configuration

6. Minimum frame height is 7 inches.

7. Stock four-wheel brakes are mandatory and must be operational and be for make and             model for car used.

8. Stock appearing safety hub allowed.


Racing wheel allowed and 2” maximum offset. Seven inch maximum width for all wheels. No plastic, aluminum or mag wheels allowed. Teams are encouraged to inspect their wheels weekly for any damage that may occur from contact on the racetrack.


1. The engine must be strictly stock for that make and model and in its original mounts. Engine sizes: GM - 350 plus 0.030, ford Windsor engines only 351 plus 0.030, Chrysler - 360 plus 0.030. Maximum compression allowed is 8.5 to 1. No high performance, s.v.o. or direct connection parts allowed.

2. No aluminum intakes or heads.

3. Maximum lift 0.390 intake and 0.410 exhaust (at valve). Hydraulic lifters only.  No solid lifters or solid lifter cams. All distributor advance components must be functioning to O.E.M. specs. No special or rapid bleed-down valve lifters allowed. 

4. No matching, grinding, etc. of any kind.

5. No after market racing parts.

6. Stock appearing oil pan. Pan may have baffle

7. Rocker arm locking nuts permitted.

Carburetors ( 2Options)

  • 1. Stock O.E.M. 2 bbl carb and cast iron intake only. Maximum Venturi sizes 1 3/8” on GM and 1 3/8” on Ford and Chrysler. Air cleaners: air cleaner components permitted. Stock components only. Unaltered base – airhorn may be removed. Any top. Lid must completely seal air filter.
  • Stock unaltered or maximum of 350 CFM HOLLEY 7448 UNALTERED.
  • CARBURETOR ADAPTER PLATE-May use 1”maximum adapter to bolt carburetor to intake 1” total with gaskets, no allowance. The bottom of the air filter must be lower then the top of the carburetor choke horn.
  • Minimum of 8” and a maximum of 17” in diameter filter element minimum 1 ½ to maximum of 4” dry paper type only.
  • Installations subject to inspection by Director of Tech.

Transmission and Rear End

1. Stock automatic 3-speed transmission. 3.73 maximum gear.

2. No locked, welded or posi-traction rear ends.

3. Shifter must be stock.

Gas Tank Installation

1. Fuel cells are mandatory

2. Fuel cell must be mounted in center of trunk. No offset permitted. The trunk floor is to be cut from frame rail to frame rail, back to the spring pockets to accommodate the fuel tank. Bottom of tank must not be lower than bottom of frame rail. Tank must be securely strapped down. Metal straps only. Tank must fill from inside of trunk. No holes allowed in trunk lid. One fuel cell only.

3. The fuel line must exit from top or side of tank. No fuel lines in driver’s compartment. No electric fuel pumps.

4. A complete firewall must seal the trunk area from the driver’s compartment.

5. Fuel cell must be secured by 4 over the cell (2 each direction) straps.

6. Installations subject to inspection by Director of Tech.


***If the rule book doesn’t say you can, you must assume you can’t. Before doing anything not covered by this rule book, ask for an official interpretation by the official in charge.***

One Way Radio System

Mandatory: All cars must be equipped with a one-way radio (scanner) to monitor the race director's instructions. Absolutely no two-way communications permitted, including but not limited to: two-way radios, cell phones, etc.. Frequency is 150.815. Two-way radios will not be permitted in the car at all. Device must be receiving only with no capability to transmit. Teams are not permitted to transmit at all to their car either by any means. The only communication permitted to drivers in their race cars are the one-way radios that LMP officials will use. Drivers may not transmit to their crews. No crew-crew communication from grandstand to grandstand. Bottom line: No communication between crew and car(driver), or car(driver) and crew. No two-way communications on the property once practice has concluded. PENALTY: If found in violation of this rule, driver will be disqualified from race, forfeit all money and points from that event, and be fined an additional 25 points.