WESTERN NEW YORK 

  • 1/3rd Mile Semi – Banked  Asphalt Oval – 
    Super Short Track Stock Car Racing!
  • 1/4 Mile 4X4 Off Road Truck Course – Sno*Cross Facility
  • 125 ft. Mud Bog Pit
  • 300 ft. Clay Tractor Pull Track – Motorcycle Dirt Drag Strip
  • 4 lane – 500 ft. Snowmobile Grass Drag Strip
  • Racer and Antique Car Swap Meet Facility        

Estimated Yearly Attendance…

     30,000 captivated product loyal competitors and spectators enjoy the family atmosphere and motor sport entertainment our facility has to offer! 

Marketing Benefits…

As Wyoming County International Speedway Inc, continues to grow, our marketing partners benefit by the added exposure studies have suggested like NASCAR, motor sport fans are very product loyal even more so than stick and ball sports! Utilizing advertising and/or coop funds, not only brings you direct exposure for your marketing dollar, but also can involve your whole company with means of added entertainment!  Thus creating a non work related bond between management and employees. Whether your company name is boldly labeled on a side of a race car or a colorful banner that is proudly displayed at your VIP (fully catered) company picnic.  You can be sure that WCIS has created the best marketing atmosphere to impact the maximum level of potential customers.

Facility History/Future Plans…

Originally constructed in 1959 and opened as a dirt track (Perry Speedway) in 1960.  By the early 70’s the track was paved and the concrete retaining wall constructed in 1984, the macadam was once again covered with a layer of dirt for a time period of 14 years.  In 1998, under new ownership, WCIS returned back to the highly competitive SST asphalt racing surface.

Future plans of a high speed off-road baja facility, a professional length 500 ft., 4 lane, grass drag strip, Winston Cup style pit road and new VIP tower with corporate suites is currently being laid out for the near future!